We have a warranty available for every car.


Many of our vehicles are sold with a warranty (technically, please consult our sales staff for coverage details. In addition, some of these units still have the balance of the manufacturer's warranty remaining. In some cases, due to age and/or mileage, we will sell vehicles "as is" with no warranty, expressed or implied.

Service Contracts

Almost every vehicle we sell, including those sold "as is", will meet the eligibility requirements for you to add an optional Service Contract for an additional fee. Depending on your budget and individual needs, you can purchase a service contract with basic coverage for as little as 3 months/3000 miles up to an all- inclusive service contract that will remain in force for 4 years/50,000 miles or more. Unlike many dealers, we will only represent companies whose service contracts are FULLY INSURED by a reputable insurance company, so you know that the coverage that you're paying for will be there if and when you need it. To make this kind of investment, you certainly don't want to be left holding a worthless piece of paper because the company that issued it went out of business!

Should you buy a service contract when you purchase a used car? The answer to this question is different for everyone, and you need to look at more than the small addition to the cost of the vehicle or your monthly payment. There's an old saying that goes... "If it's made by man, it's gonna break." As a general rule, ask yourself if you have the financial reserves set aside to pay for a $3000 transmission repair, a $2500 engine replacement, a $1200 air conditioner repair? If you've answered "no" to any of these questions, then you might give this investment some serious thought. If you will find it difficult to pay an addition $15-25 a month for the coverage, what will you do if something major goes wrong?

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