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Like most people, you've probably spent many stressful hours shopping for your automobile and negotiating with high-pressure salespeople. Our clients learn very quickly this is simply not necessary. We will listen to your needs and, if necessary, will recommend which vehicle is best for you.

Then we will go into action. Our process is an interactive one. You can be as involved as you would like with the entire process. Read through our Testimonials and find out what others are saying about their car-buying experience. We know you will agree once you've experienced what they already know.

The vehicle buying process should not be annoying or stressful. It should be an exciting and satisfying experience, with no pressure.

Your Personal Automotive Shopper

Let us find your car for less money and without the hassle! Wholesale Automotive Solutions is a unique automobile business. What makes us so unique?

  • We only work for you! We are your advocate and are "on your side".
  • We locate, evaluate and acquire your vehicle.
  • You drive away with what you want, stress and hassle-free.
  • You will pay less than if you do it yourself.

How it works

First, we will set up a convenient time to discuss your transportation needs, whether it is by phone or in person.

If you are undecided as to what particular vehicle would best suit your needs, we will give you our expert and practical advice at no charge. Once you have determined which makes, models and color options will be on your search list, we will get started by doing our homework.

Next, we will begin our research using resources such as dealer guidebooks, actual comparable auction history and dealer sales data to determine a wholesale price range. We then will advise you what a realistic cost to you might be.

Finally, we will explore the availability of the vehicles you have put on your list. Sometimes acquiring a vehicle requires looking beyond the local markets. We have nationwide resources available, as well.

Once you are completely satisfied with the search parameters, we will ask you to sign a search agreement. This agreement details what we are searching for as well as the target price range. We will also be inquiring about how you plan to pay for your car. We do require a nominal deposit; however, if you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will refund your deposit. We will NEVER buy a vehicle for you without your prior, expressed approval.

Andy Christensen
Andy Christensen

Your Personal Automotive Shopper

Andy cherishes his client relationships and brings integrity & honesty to a profession in which those words are seldom used to describe it.

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Wholesale Automotive Solutions is ready to provide personal, no pressure service. If you aren't sure what car you are looking for, we can help by finding the right car for you.

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